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Parish Prayer List

We have two prayer lists at St. Andrews:

  1. That in Sunday bulletin and designed principally for short-term needs.  If you know of someone who should be temporarily on this list, please contact the office and let the volunteer know who the person is.  For this list only the first name is used.  When the specific need for prayer is over, the name will be removed.  Please let us know when this should occur.

  2.  A longer monthly list is emailed by Madelyn Fisher to those who have volunteered to pray for the names on this list.  The list gives both first and last names as well as the reason someone is prayed for.  If you know someone who should be on this list, please contact Madelyn at 766.3638.  When she becomes aware that the specific need is no longer current, she will remove the name.

Prayer for others in general:  You note each Sunday we pray for specific individuals as part of our Prayers of the People.  If each one of us undertook to pray for that group (we need not necessarily know or refer to them all by name) at least once each day, in doing so we re-affirm our belief that God is involved in our lives and that we place trust in God to hear, to pay attention to our prayer.  In short, we expect God to have some influence when we pray for people.

Your prayers are asked for:

Mary Kay Mike Cappucine Des
Patrick Louine Father Andrew Wync
Doug Suzanne Jami Heika
Pat David Erline Mario
Bob Rafael Rodrigo Tony
Jim Dave Thomas Javier
Don Anne Barbara Ed
Mary Jill Diana Sue
Padilla Family Noemi Jaunice Lucille
Sheilah Charles Gordon Pat