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St. Andrew's Outreach

Raising Funds for Local Lakeside Charities


St. Andrew’s Anglican Church dispensed finds raises at Todo Bueno.

The Outreach Committee of St. Andrew’s Anglican Church made grant distributions to eight Lakeside charitable organizations on Sunday, October 22. Todo Bueno is a joint effort of St. Andrew’s and Have Hammer, located at Hidalgo 231 in Riberas Del Pilar.  This is the second time this year that grants have been distributed representing the annual amount of 450,000 pesos.  Todo Bueno accepts consignments and donations Monday through Saturday from 10:00am until 3:00 p.m.

Pictured in the back row left to right are Jim Shelton, Poco a Poco, Gary Silberberg, Poco a Poco, Tom Music, Operation Compassion,  Sheilah Dwyer, Co-chair, Outreach, Sue Torres, UVA Scholarship Fund.

Front row are Jane Wileman, Chair Outreach, Myrian Mendez, Poco a Poco, Jan Riley, School for Special Children, “Paquito”resident of Casa Ancianos, Annel  Valdovinos, Hope House, Ana Luisa Maldonado, Casa Ancianos, Sylvia Flores, Centro de Desarrollo de Jocotepec.  Not present was Moonyan King, Tepehua.


Outreach is a program designed to use the time and resources of the members of St. Andrew's to help disadvantaged members of the wider community. As people created in the image of God, we have a need to reach out beyond ourselves, just as God reached out to us. We are involved in outreach because our heavenly Father has a love for the poor and widowed and orphaned. We do it simply because it is of the heart of God for us to care for the needs of others. A church that is reaching out beyond itself is bearing the image of God and reflecting God's nature.


The role of the Outreach Committee is to support, encourage and extend the Church's work of outreach in the broader community outside. The Committee will perform this role through a number of means, including, but not limited to, fundraising.


The Outreach Committee:

1) Will be responsible for the collection and distribution of monthly donations for the Mezcala children's breakfast and the Jocotopec children's programs, and the weekly donations for Operation Compassion and Operation Feed, as well as for any future outreach programs.

2) Will organize and co-ordinate fund raising events including, but not limited to, participate in the operation of a resale shop.

3) Will research the needs of potential beneficiaries within our lakeside community; in general, will seek to avoid making donations for ongoing operating expenses; will review financial information and acquire grant applications for review by the Committee; and will visit charities and attend their meetings where this is deemed appropriate.

4) Will distribute the monies from fundraising events for the purposes for which they were raised, and will monitor the results of these donations, where possible, to ensure that the funds are used for the purposes for which they were intended.

5) Will maintain an emergency fund to be accounted for as a line item in the Outreach Committee budget, which will be used when urgent funding needs arise from time to time, either within the lakeside community or elsewhere in Mexico.

6) Will be responsible for and will cooperate with other Church committees, churches or community organizations in the development of new programs for outreach to the lakeside community..

If you would like to be a part of this tremendous community support team, please contact Laura Foster at foster312@earthlink.net.