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Operation Feed


San Juan Cosala, Mexico

This program was started about 20 years ago by the Scott’s and the Smithburg’s, and we have never missed a weekly delivery in all those years except when the water spout devastated the village of San Juan Cosala.  We distribute dispensas of rice, beans, pasta, oats, oil, and milk once a week.    We are currently distributing to 70 families (about 450 people). Most of the adults are either disabled in some way or are too elderly to work.  There are a few able bodied people who do work, but make so little money and have such large families that they need help.    Although it is not our intention to meet all of the food needs of the families, but only to help, many of them would literally starve without the food we give them.  Also, many of our families had to choose between buying food or sending their kids to school.  With the help we give them, many more are able to send their kids to school than before.

We have a clothing distribution once a year.  We collect and store clothing throughout the year.  Then, on a given date, each family comes to our center and picks out 20 pieces of clothing for their family.

At Christmas, with our regular delivery, we also deliver cooked chickens packaged with bowls of rice, beans, and salad to every family.  We plan to do this again this year.

It takes an average of about $300 pesos a month to feed a family.  We are funded totally by private donations.  Some people give annually, but most of our people donate monthly.  Our monthly donations range from $200 to $1,000 pesos, but most of them are $300 pesos.  If you can help us, we will furnish you a set of 12 envelopes and, depending upon your location, we will either pick up your envelope each month or make arrangements for another designated volunteer to pick it up.

We are now able to furnish tax deductible receipts, if desired.  We are affiliated with the Foundation for Lake Chapala Charities.  For quarterly, semi-annual, or annual donations equal to $300 pesos monthly or more, we can put these donations through this Foundation and they will issue a receipt directly to you.  Checks should be written to Foundation for Lake Chapala Charities and designated for Operation Feed.  You should also include your email address as that is the preferred method to send your receipt. We will pick up your donation and see that it is delivered to the proper person with the Foundation.

I doubt that any of us have experienced it, but I would think it’s hard to have a need more basic than hunger.

We are convinced that once you see how these people live, you will dig deep in order to help.  We encourage you to come take a look at our operation on any Thursday morning as we make the distributions, and see for yourself.




EMAIL:  rosiarni@prodigy.net.mx

Al Bochard and Gordon Cowan are the persons at St Andrews representing Operation Feed and donations may be given to either person.